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A Guide to Importation of Personal & Household Effects into Australia.


Goods must have been owned and used for 12 months or more preceding owner’s departure for Australia.


We will require a copy of the Will and a copy of the Death Certificate OR a letter from the Executor and a copy of the death certificate in support of duty free entry. They will also require a Copy of your passport (If Australian, photo page only, if foreign passport, entry visa page also) a statement on the statutory declaration that goods are the outcome of deceased estate, estimated value of goods, list of goods and a declaration that the goods are not for re-sale.

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE (if the goods belong to you)

If you have not completed an Australian customs form B534 prior to your departure from the UK then are agents will contact you prior to arrival of your goods and will supply you with one of these forms for your completion and return. You must complete, sign and date every page and return this to our representative together with:

Passport Copy :
- Australian passport - photo page only
- Other nationality - photo page and visa page
- If you have an electronic Visa please make a note on your passport photo page copy.
- Shipments arriving to the State of Queensland also require copy of your spouse’s
   passport or passport of friend if traveling with you.

Packing List: If we are packing for you then we will supply this document, however if you are packing any or all of your boxes then you will need to supply us with a generalised list covering each package in your shipment.

Receipts: Receipts for payment of any goods in your shipment owned/used for less than 12 months prior to shipping (these items must be declared on the B534 Declaration Form listing date of purchase and amount paid (or estimated value) in AUD (don’t pack the receipts).

Alcohol/Tobacco: A detailed listing of any alcohol/tobacco in your shipment. If you intend to include any alcohol in your shipment bear in mind the alcohol will be subject to duty/GST and Customs clearance of your shipment may be delayed. You must prepare a list of the alcohol in your shipment prior to sending the shipment and the list needs to be in a detailed format. Please contact us for a draft alcohol and tobacco list and guide on the alcohol importation into Australia (don’t conceal food or alcohol/tobacco in your shipment as it will be detected!). Please make a note of which box your alcohol/tobacco is packed in.

Provided you correctly complete and provide these documents to our destination representative, physical exam by Customs is on a random basis only unless you have declared specific items of interest on the B534 e.g. weapons, food etc.


Your shipment may be inspected upon arrival by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS). The inspection is carried out at an approved AQIS premise and can delay delivery by up to 14 days; as a result full containers cannot be delivered direct to residence in Australia. Quarantine inspection charges are excluded from our quotation and are payable to our destination representatives. Charges vary from port to port and are approximately, as follows, inclusive of Goods and Service Tax (GST).

20 ft container AU$396
40 ft container AU$616

Inspection is more intense if your consignment contains items that may have come into contact with soil or vegetation such as garden furniture, garden tools, sports or camping equipment, bicycles, golf clubs & buggies, cane ware, shoes, saddlery, vacuum cleaners, mops etc. It is essential that any such items are thoroughly cleaned prior to shipment; however this will not ensure automatic clearance. AQIS will order further treatment if any item represents a quarantine risk. Cartons marked “kitchen”, “sundries”, “miscellaneous” or “packed by owner” are also likely to be inspected. Festive decorations and wreaths containing dried vegetable matter or pine cones will automatically be subject to further treatment or destruction.


Of those consignments inspected it is very rare that any treatment is required unless there is evidence of infestation (e.g. borers) or dirt. Genuine antiques over 100 years tend to be automatically ordered for fumigation treatment.

Fumigation of wooden boats/canoes etc is mandatory. Gamma Irradiation Treatment can be ordered by Quarantine for items such as animal equipment (saddles, etc.) skins/hides and similar items. Treatment of any sort involves additional costs.


The following articles are prohibited by Customs or Quarantine (except under pre-arranged special conditions):

Birds, some feathers and poultry products
Cereal seeds, dried beans and peas
Dairy products (except baby foods not exceeding 1 kg)
Eggs and products containing eggs
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Older Fridges/air conditioning units containing a CFC refrigeration system
Honey and bee products e.g. royal jelly
Live plants, animals and insects
Meat and meat products (fresh and dried) including canned pork

Further information concerning importing personal & household effects is available at the Australian Customs website:

This information is not definitive and is intended as a guide only. Destination regulations can change without notice and for specific guidance we strongly recommend that you obtain direct rulings from the relevant authority.

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