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Customs Clearance for Malaysia

Clients must be present in Malaysia at the time your effects arrive in the country in order for customs to take place.

All shipments subject to 100% Customs examination. Used household goods should qualify for duty free entry provided:

1: The client has owned and used the goods for a minimum of three months prior to export and will not dispose / sell them for at least six months.
2: If the client is a non Malaysian national holding a Work Permit
3: If the client is a Malaysian national returning who has been out of the country for a continuous period over 12 months


1. Passport (clear copy of picture page and visa page)
2. Copy of Work Permit
3. Visa for Employment and Residence
4. Letter from your employer in Malaysia stating reason for import, job function, and approximate duration of your stay. If moving due to employment reasons.
5. Inventory (original or a copy)
6. Separate list of electrical items, appliances and new items. (Not to be omitted from the inventory. Please clearly state the brand, model, country of origin, voltage and price.)


1. Telecommunication equipment (fax machines, cordless / mobile telephones, modems, radio transmitters) will require Import Permits
2. All items less than six months old are taxed and dutiable (original invoices with value are required)
3. Video cassettes DVD’s and films require censor’s clearance (charges may apply)
4. Alcohol and cigarettes are subject to high import duties


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